Lost in the West Characters



Chip would be just another average teen – except he’s got a cell phone time machine! Really, he’s got more genius than his teachers, and he always looks before he leaps. What he lacks in self-confidence, he makes up for with off-the-charts smarts. Will the Wild West bring him out of his shell? Only one way to find out!

Lost in the West

Best bros Chip and Dave saddle up for a whirlwind adventure when Chip’s latest invention accidentally transports them back in time to the Wild West! Not only will they have to save their hometown, they’ve also got to make it back to the present in time for the Homecoming Dance! In order to figure it out, they’ll need help from friends in both timelines, including Luna, Lisa, and Texas Jane. Will their cowboy skills stand the test of time? Will their actions in the past have a serious effect on the present? Only time will tell!

Catch the premiere of this trilogy on Nickelodeon from Nov 16 - 18 @ 4pm (PH) | 5:30pm (WIB) | 6:30pm (MY/SG)!
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