One Crazy Cruise Characters

Piper Jensen

Piper Jensen

Piper is pretty, she’s sophisticated, and she’s constantly keeping the world informed about her life (through her cell phone)! Piper’s all about her social life and loves to show off her eye for fashion. Too bad that doesn’t vibe too well with her new step-sister, Ellie.

One Crazy Cruise

The Jensens and the Bauers are now the Jensen-Bauers, and they’re going on a cruise to bring the family together! After one crazy night leads to an even crazier next day, the newly formed siblings must figure out what happened to them and how to put things back to normal before mom and dad find out. The kids have no choice but to work together and find answers to some super wacky questions. It’ll take a family trip at sea to come together and have an adventure they will never remember.

One Crazy Cruise premieres on Friday, November 20 @ 3:30pm (WIB) | 4pm (SG) | 4:30pm (MY) | 6pm (PH)!
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