Regal Academy Characters

Joy Lefrog

Joy Lefrog

Living up to her last name, Joy loves all types of insects, and she has an appetite for spider burgers and mosquito omelettes. Bonus: she can turn herself (and others) into frogs using her unique brand of magic. And in the true fairytale tradition, Joy needs a kiss to change back from amphibian to human. Pucker up!

Regal Academy

Rose Cinderella is an average teenage girl who's as obsessed with shoes as she is fairy tales. But when she finds a key that unlocks a magical new world, she learns that fairy tales are not just in storybooks!

When Rose tumbles into Fairy Tale Land, she discovers something even greater--her own magical family legacy! Her grandmother Cinderella is headmistress of Regal Academy, where five famous fairy tale families come together to teach the next generation of princes and princesses how to become heroes….with a lot of help from their legendary grandparents.

Now Rose and her new best friends – Astoria Rapunzel, Joy Le Frog, Travis Beast and Hawk Snowwhite – figure out how to fly dragons and outsmart witches, all while learning to use their magic and live up to their famous family names.

Welcome to Regal Academy… where you need to make magic to make the grade!