Ride Characters

Anya Patel

Anya Patel

Like Kit, Anya is new to Covington Academy, and this year marks her first year at a regular school. Although she is a Princess from Udaipur, India, Anya is determined to keep her title a secret in order to be treated as a “normal girl.” Oblivious to her wealth, privilege and power, Anya is a delightful, generous, and optimistic young lady. Her lack of experience with “regular” life can result in some hilarious social faux-pas, but she’s got the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet and she and Kit quickly become best friends.


Moving to England? Going to a brand new school? Horseback riding??? All-American Kit has got a lot on her plate. Not only does she have to move across the ocean, but she has to go to a super fancy school, too! Figuring out her place in this new world, Kit finds an unexpected friend in the school's wildest horse, TK.

Along with her new classmates, her Dad, and new pal TK, there's nothing that stands in Kit's way - except her huge fear of riding horses! Will Kit be able to take the reins? Saddle up and get ready for one wild ride!
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