• The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #31

    Cameron (Dice) and Zoran (Goomer) are taking over today's Lil' Sam & Cat Show! Plus, Lil' Sam blows some stuff up.
  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #30

    Lil' Cat is stuck in a tube and there's no way to get her out! Plus, play a game with Jennette and Zoran & see other cool clips from Sam & Cat!
  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #29

    The Lil's sneak onto the set of Sam & Cat! Plus, Randy plays with dolls & weiners get flung! Check out our show to see it all!
  • The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #28

    Lil' Sam & Cat are doing a Lil' show ALL about the Sam & Cat blooper episode! What could go wrong? (Hint: Everything!)

Sam & Cat

Sam & Cat
Prepare to meet the strangest match made in bestie heaven -- Sam & Cat! Sam Puckett is loud, independent, and tough as nails, while Cat Valentine is sweet as pie and super flighty. But that doesn't st...