Nora Thunderman

Nora Thunderman

Nora may be the smallest kid in the Thunderman bunch, but she knows more than what her tiny years allot for. She gets her biggest thrills from getting in the way of Billy's shenanigans and has a spunky personality to boot.


Can Kira Kosarin juggle 3 balls for 15 seconds?
  1. YES
  2. NO

The Thundermans

What's more awesome than a superhero? An entire family of 'em! Meet the Thundermans, a not-so average family whose #1 concern is trying to keep their super-human quirks under wraps and lead a normal life. Difficult much? You betcha! Especially when the two oldest siblings -- Phoebe and Max -- share a healthy rivalry that's turbocharged by their top-notch powers! Yup, this whole 'fitting-in' business may just take a little longer than expected...